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So you have decided that you want to install an antler chandelier in your home.

How do I know what size and design is right for me?

Good question. With so many options available it can be a little overwhelming.
There are a few questions you should ask yourself…

  • Room size?

    Obviously you are not going to put a six foot elk antler chandelier in a room with an eight foot ceiling! But than on the other side of the coin, a two foot chandelier will easily hang in a 30′ x 30′ room with a 20′ ceiling, which would be fine, if that is
    what you want.

  • The questions I always ask my customers are, “How much antler, and how large of a piece do you want to look at?” and “Are you looking for something that is going to take the breath away from people when they walk into the room, or are you looking for something beautiful, functional, and not quite so bold?”

    Try to imagine the chandelier hanging in the room…

  • A large room, such as the 30′ x 30′ with the 20′ ceiling will accommodate just about everything being made today.

    Size becomes a personal preference for the room mentioned above, except for a few other details…

  • Can I fit the chandelier through the door?

    Maybe the home is still under construction, which makes this less of a problem, you can build the home anticipating a large chandelier. Possibly even installing the chandelier before completion. However, if the doors are in and you decide on a 6 foot elk chandelier and the largest door you have is only 4 foot wide, you are going to face extra expense in getting the chandelier into the house.

    A less complicated issue is antler type and design.

  • What kind of antler do you like?

  • What style do you like?

    These are personal choices that only you can make.

    Another issue may be…

  • How much do I want to spend?