Our Story

Our Story


My name is Brian Cody. I live in the beautiful North Western Corner of Montana, near the small town of Troy. I enjoy the beautiful streams and mountainous rugged terrain which surrounds me…What more could a man ask for? It is truly nature’s playground! I have always been fascinated with the beautiful animals that live in the area and the antlers that some of these animals produced. Antler is very unique; no two are ever exactly the same. My fascination with antler has only grown over the years and needless to say I never get tired of them!!! Because of my love for these natural works of nature’s art, I began building my own creations from them as a teenager, back in the 1970’s It was slow progress at first, building lamps and cribbage boards, and eventually antler chandeliers (which is my favorite items…if you couldn’t tell!) My Dad was part of my inspiration and drive. He was always a critic and always very honest. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”, He would tell me!


My Goal is to offer the highest Quality hand crafted antler chandeliers and products available in the world!

I use only the finest antler available to create natural and functional antler lighting. My antler chandeliers were voted “Best in the North West” at a show we did in Seattle in 1998! I love to design and create new pieces, so if you don’t see what you want, simply ask! Every care toward both products and customer is of our highest priority. Check out my “Reviews” page.

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

…My beautiful and loving, patient wife Kimmie certainly deserves credit for the endless hours of office time and customer relations. Thanks Kim! You are an angel.

Please Feel free to call us at: (406) 295-9041


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Here are some of the wonderful things people have said about our work…

“I just wanted to tell you that after a few days of careful unpacking, (LOL), I am amazed. This is just so beautiful and I feel so fortunate to have a piece of art like this in my home. I cannot say nearly enough thanks. You have been such a great person to do business with. Much better than UPS!!! It’s so nice to know good people are still around. Amazing!!!
Thank you so very much,”

Sheila Anderson

“I wanted to THANK YOU for my wonderful chandelier. We just celebrated Christmas “under it” and it made the dining room and atmosphere wonderful. You have brought a lot of joy to me by making it. Thank you so much. I hope your business prospers in the New Year.”


“They arrived yesterday, and are just what I wanted. They are greatttttttt!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for a great job. Will be sending pictures for you soon as I get a digital camera.”


“Holiday Greetings from Wisconsin: Attached is the picture I promised. We just love the chandelier and it’s quite an addition to our home. Have a wonderful holiday and we hope to stop in and see you in April.”

Ralph & Sue Ward

“The difference between an artist-created piece verses mass produced is evident in the photos. Asking you to create this chandelier is one of my best decisions. I cannot wait to have the chandelier hanging in my new library. I am sending the link to the site manager, so he can prepare to hang the light. I will ask him for an appropriate shipping date, so the light can be hung as soon as it arrives. I need to know how long it takes to ship the light. At this point, the house in the mechanical stage with drywall to follow. Thanks again for creating this work of art for me.”

Rocco Megaro

“Hi there, what a beauty! Put it on the Pony Express, can’t wait to get it hung! This email/photo preview is one heck of a tool, you certainly have figured out how to professionally show case your work, and this is a tremendous customer service bonus. I’m surprised, because all of my Montana buddies are always wearing high top rubber boots, and trying to find a pasture full of willing woolies! Seriously though, the light looks wonderful, and we’re excited to receive it. Thanks so much for your effort, you’ll get our highest marks to all those that are sure to ask about our chandelier when we have visitors to our new home.”


“Just a quick note to let you know we received our chandelier yesterday. It is gorgeous! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece for us. Can’t wait to hang it in our new house!”


“Hi Brain/Kim, I just wanted to say we got our beautiful piece today.. LOVE IT.. Can’t wait to hang it in our NH house.. Thanks, it’s just beautiful. Cheers,”


“Dear Brian,
WOW, we are really impressed with your work. It looks awesome! Those are some quality antlers you have over there, I have not seen deer like that around here! We are really enthusiastic and are also very impressed with your professional service and web-site. Great job. Again, Super! We look forward to hearing from you,”


“Hi Kim, Well, our Elk Chandelier arrived on Friday, all safe and sound. It is absolutely beautiful. My husband loved it. It was a gift for his birthday and our anniversary since they are both in June. Our oldest son hung it yesterday, on father’s day. We all just stood around and looked at it. Our oldest son was just in awe that none of the wiring was visible. He said,” how did he do that”? My husband and 3 sons are all big deer hunters and our grandchildren also. We will certainly spread the word down here in Texas. Thank you for your help in tracking it down. Thanks again,”


“Kim, The chandelier has arrived and as I expected, it is beautiful. I have a friend that has bought some chandeliers from you and she told me how you all do quality work. She was correct. I love it. Thanks again for your kindness.”


“Hello, This is Karl and Anna’s son Erik… I will show them the images, but I just wanted to say WOW!!! GREAT work…. It looks amazing.
They will be in touch with you shortly Take care,”


“Brian & Kim, Your art arrived safely by Merganthaler this morning. The packaging was superb and defied any assault the mover may have inflicted. The chandelier was beautiful, still nested in it’s wrappings. An hour later it hung by chain in the dining room -at home, as if it had always been there. Tonight, properly dimmed, the lights closely approximate the candles on the table, expanding the aura of the dining board. Thank you!”

D and B C

“I’m finally moved into my new house in Georgia with my beautiful white tail and moose chandeliers. They’re absolutely gorgeous. My contractor and all his subs just went nuts over them … they can’t figure out how you wired them. Thanks for such wonderfully crafted works of art.”


“Hi! We just returned from our vacation home in Oregon. We hung our chandelier and it’s absolutely beautiful! Just the right size for our dining room—everyone loved it! We had several inquiries as to where we got it and so we, of course, gave out your name and address. Thank you very much. Again, we couldn’t be more pleased with the chandelier.”

D & L A

“I received the chandelier today – I didn’t realize you already shipped it. I have seen a lot of antler chandeliers by several artists and some that were quite excellent. I will say I have never ever seen workmanship as incredibly awesome as the one you sent me. That is absolutely amazing. It will be a beautiful addition to our new home. Our Log Home project was cancelled as our builder was sued this week for copyright infringement (the design they did for us was pretty much copied from a competitor!) So we met with an architect and designed a prairie style carpenters gothic house. We will use this either in the family room area where we will have our hunting and rodeo awards and decor – or in the tack room in our barn (We may get another from you to have one in both areas. The tack room will also be part of my studio sitting/retail area attached to my shop, I carve decoys and game calls. And your antler art will fit right into the decor we have planned to showcase my work and our saddle and tack collection. Thanks so much for the antler you included in the box, Our plan is to use that to display some elaborate horse hair bridles and reins we had made for us in Montana years ago, I look forward to collecting more of your pieces – they are OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks (you made my wife very happy and that means the world to me!)”


“Holiday Greetings from Wisconsin: We just love the chandelier and it’s quite an addition to our home. Have a wonderful holiday and we hope to stop in and see you in April.”

R. & S. W.

“I wanted to THANK YOU for my wonderful chandelier. We just celebrated Christmas “under it” and it made the dining room and atmosphere wonderful. You have brought a lot of joy to me by making it. Thank you so much. I hope your business prospers in the New Year.”


“I just wanted to tell you that after a few days of careful unpacking, (LOL), I am amazed. This is just so beautiful and I feel so fortunate to have a piece of art like this in my home. I cannot say nearly enough thanks. It’s so nice to know good people are still around. Amazing!!! Thank you so very much,

S. A.

“Brian, WOW I am totally impressed with the quality and beauty of your work and my new chandilier. As you can see in the pics it is the perfect light for my dining room table.”


“Kim, Just wanted you to know that the chandelier arrived on Friday, the 21st. It looks great hanging over the dining table in our rustic, southwest family room! Your pictures on light helped to visualize exactly what we were getting, but we find it looks even better in “real life.”

L. & B. W.

“Just a quick note to let you know we received our chandelier yesterday. It is gorgeous! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece for us. Can’t wait to hang it in our new house!”

J. L.

“Here’s a real testimonial to your work. This chandelier that you made for me approximately 3 years ago flew 40 yards while still attached to a 12 foot 2 x 6 board. The roof of our storage shed was scattered all over our property. All is intact with the exception of the resin portion that attaches the vertical part to the rest of the antlers. It split apart and the wires were broken. The hoses were still on the points of the antlers and the sockets are still intact. Unbelievable, as the winds were 90 mph. I am hoping that you can fix this. Please advise on mailing and packing. Thanks so much,”


“Well what can I say. Our whole family is speechless over the chandelier you made for us. It truly is a piece of art and will be valued as a family treasure. Your professional advise and expertise made our decision easy. WE LOVE IT!! Thanks for everything,”

M H and Family

Georgetown, OH.

“Hi! We just returned from our vacation home in Oregon. We hung our chandelier and it’s absolutely beautiful! Just the right size for our dining room—everyone loved it! We had several inquiries as to where we got it and so we, of course, gave out your name and address. Thank you very much. Again, we couldn’t be more pleased with the chandelier.”

D & L

“Brian, We love the fixture, and it’s been the talk of Lebanon ever since we put it in the house. Everybody has heard about it, and it’s usually the first thing they want to see when they come by for the first time. (I tell my female friends not to spend too much time in that room or they’ll have to shave their chests and cut off unwanted sideburns that start to grow in because of the increased testosterone levels in there!) You did a great job, and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!”

T. and S. S.

“Brian – The chandelier arrived late on Thursday. I unpacked it Friday morning and found it to be in great shape. It was much easier to unpack than the first one I got from you. I had to open it outside because it wouldn’t fit through the door. Then it almost didn’t fit through the door without the packing. My son will be coming home tomorrow for the holidays and will help me hang it. Again, I thank you for a beautiful chandelier that I will be proud to show off.”


“Good morning. I wanted to let you know that the antler chandelier is now safely sitting inside our home. It was quite a challenge getting it here – my son had to take a flatbed truck down to Detroit to get it, as there was no truck available to bring it to Algonac from the shipping company that was small enough to fit back into our property where the log home is located. It is gorgeous and will certainly look lovely in our living room. We are going to wait to hang it until the log beams are put up (should be this week or next). Thank you the wonderful job you did and I hope you have a great holiday season.”

D. K.

“Hi Cody’s, Just wanted to let you know that we received the chandelier a few days ago. I unpacked it Saturday, and it looks great! We have not yet installed it – that is the project for this coming weekend. Thank you again for everything. I know we will enjoy your artwork for years to come. Best regards,”


“Dear Brian, Wanted to send you a PIC of the antler chandelier that we purchased last year from you! We had to get creative with what we needed. We live in an A-Frame with very high ceilings so we could not eliminate our ceiling fan. We actually attached it from a chain, thought that you might want to see how it looks. We have had a lot of compliments on it. It is very sturdy and does not wobble like one might think! We are now looking for an antler floor lamp and were wondering what you might have available? Look forward to your response! Thanks,”

The C.’s


M. E.


“Wow” that word best describes the antler chandelier that I just received about 10 minutes ago. It has to be the most beautiful, amazing piece of art I have ever seen in my life. For a couple of years now I have been looking for that perfect antler chandelier for my living room, and I have never seen one that has even came close to yours. Most you see have all plastic parts attached to the antlers but not yours. I can’t thank you enough for this. It will bring many years of happiness in our home. You’re such a pleasure to work with. So quick to respond to emails and questions, and so helpful when it came to the tracking situation. Oh and the packing it was in was amazing. A bomb could of hit it an it still would have been in perfect shape. Your great to do business with and hopefully we will again. Thanks so much,”


“Hi Brian and Kim ~ The chandelier was waiting for me when I returned home from work last evening – I spent a few hours this afternoon unpacking it ( what an ingenious way of packaging!)… and hooking it up……WOW…..what an absolutely beautiful piece of art! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier with the end result!! I will most certainly enjoy it for years to come. Thank You so much for everything – I used the tracking numbers you provided and kept on top of the shipment everyday……..that worked out excellent. The rawhide shades really add a nice warm touch to the chandelier……I can’t imagine it without them – certainly worth the few extra dollars for such an AWESOME fixture! I love this piece so much I am considering bidding on another one for my office at work…….(can’t seem to get enough of it!) Thanks again for EVERYTHING….it has been a TRUE pleasure doing business with you….I will highly recommend you to all of my friends. I will be posting positive feedback for you on eBay – would you please do the same for me? Take Care and Best Regards,”

~ T.

“Hi Brian: Just wanted to let you know that the chandelier is beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much for this outstanding piece of work!!!!!! Hope your holidays were great and much success to you in the new year.. Thanks again,”


“Just wanted to say that I bought a large Antler Chandelier off e-bay from you about a year and a half ago, maybe more. it was about 5×5′. Love it Love it, still loving it!!!! I have never seen quality like yours. Especially your sockets!!!!! I hung it in my two story great room, which has a walkway on the second floor that opens over the Great room and puts you eye level with the Chandelier. The quality and craftsmanship can really be seen and admired!!!!! And what is better for me is that I think I got a real great deal compared to what I have seen the auctions go up to lately. Good for you!!!! Thanks again”

“Hi, Cody’s, I feel badly that I haven’t written before now, but I wanted to let you know how beautiful the Moose Antler Chandelier turned out! Even better than I imagined! It fits our new home perfectly and everyone that has visited us has commented on what a unique & beautiful piece of “art” the chandelier makes! Our builder who fancies himself as an outdoorsman, can’t stop talking about it–thank you so much for helping our new home be something really special!!!!!”

A. & D.

“Cody’s, Just to keep you updated, I got the light today. Takes about 5 minutes to hang with my wife holding it up. Looks really good. I will put some positive feedback on E-bay for you. Please do the same for me. Thanks for the phone number for the shades. I may get some larger ones for a light here at home. Thanks for everything. You did great.”


“Cody, Thank you for your outstanding work. People around here love it. Including me. I have seen all the others and your work tops them all. Don’t get a big head, just keep up the great work!!!!!!! Thanks a lot,”


“Dear Cody and Kim, Just wanted to let you know I received my chandelier yesterday and it is wonderful. I can hardly wait until the house if far enough along to hang it. I will send you pictures when it is done. Thank you for the wonderful job and it was a pleasure doing business with you. I know it will really make Dream catcher complete. Regards,”

J. B.

“Brian: The gorgeous chandelier has arrived, and we are waiting for the electrician to come hang it. It’s going to be divine. Size is perfect, and I’m wild to see it up. We’re VERY impressed by your packing method, and my buffalo horn chair is grateful at last to have a companion piece. Warmly,”

J. W.

“I got it, installed it and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! We had a house full of people when we showed it to my husband as a surprise last night! It is just beautiful… as he sits in his desk, he can look right at your signature which gives it that extra special touch! And the quality of your work is exceptional! Thanks so much – I will refer as many people as I can!”

K. P.

“This is just an outstanding chandelier! Carl and I managed to get it hung yesterday and it looks fantastic. Thank you so much for working with me on this and for creating such a beautiful piece of artwork. Best,”


“Dear Cody, the light fixture arrived the other day in perfect condition. It looks great in the great room. Thanks for a great job. Sincerely,”


“I finally got the chandelier hung. Attached are a couple of pix… there not great, but use them as you wish.
Thanks again for a great purchase. I really appreciate your craftsmanship even more up close.”


“Mr. Cody, we received our chandelier the end of last week and just finished hanging it. We cannot express enough how pleased we are with it. We were looking for over a year at different antler chandeliers and finely decided to purchase one through you and are very happy we did so. There is no comparison to yours and others we have shopped. Your craftsmanship is to say the least exquisite. Thank you again.”

K. and D.

“Dear Kim and Brian: “Apollo …we have splashdown!”What else could I say after first seeing our ‘antlerlier’ in it’s packaged mini space capsule? Even with the unpacking instructions it took me 45 minutes to completely open it. All of the antlers and the 15 bulbs were in perfect condition. Received from Over-Nite on Thursday, March 21. I literally had to limbo-hula-twister the 39″x36″ unit up our stairs and thru a narrow hall. Hoping not to fall and skewer myself on it, as I knew my husband’s comment would’ve been, ‘You didn’t damage IT, did you?! 🙂 This past Saturday, our electrician helped us hang this magnificent piece of lighted art in our new log home. Much ooo’ing and ahh’ing and picture taking ensued. We are eager to receive the companion piece for our dining area. We appreciate receiving the picture of it in advance and know that it’ll be perfect too. I want to express our complete satisfaction all around. Total quality and pride in craftsmanship. Great communications. Fast service. Well worth the price requested. Thank you Cody’s!”

J. and P. S.

“Just want to praise you on your work! The sconces arrived in the most wonderful packing ever. They are incredible. The electrician has a bit of work to do on the wall they’re going on but we hung them up to get an idea without the wiring completed. They are amazing. Will send you a picture with the lights on so you can see for yourself. I truly appreciate the speed with which you created them. I can’t wait to need and order a chandelier or two! Thanks again and to Kim for her help. You are truly an artist.”

M. K.

“Cody, Kim called me at work yesterday and she followed up on the shipping which I appreciate, thank you. I received the chandelier this evening and it is beautiful and my husband is delighted with it. Thanks again for your creation and excellent skill.”

J. C.

“Hi Brian, we called to tell you how pleased we are with the chandelier…If you would send it out on the 19th for arrival on or about the 26th, it will arrive about the same time as we do…”

Regards, L.

“Brian, Installed the chandelier yesterday, then spent the greater part of the day transfixed… playing with the dimmer switch for best effect… You did an excellent job… It really adds a great deal of value to our home… We’ll try to send pictures… Thank you once again.”

L & J L.

“Hi! My new chandelier arrived on Wednesday, was unpacked on Thursday and went to our new house in Cascade on Friday. Now all we have to do is wait for the contractor to install it! It looks great! Thank you so much. Best,”


“We are so very thrilled as the antler chandelier arrived around noon today, all safe and sound and IT IS JUST GORGEOUS! We will have the electrician install it and will take a picture and send it on to you. You are a man of your word, thank God for good people in this crazy world. We feel this will make our retirement cabin just perfect and it is something we have always dreamed of owning and so it is an early Merry Christmas to both of us. Again, thanks for your honesty and if you need any references, let us be first in line! Have a good week. Sincerely,”

B & N W

“P.S. The packing involved in the shipping was awesome and it must have taken more work to pack it up, than to make the whole thing…..”

“Cody, Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the Large Bulgarian Fallow Deer Antler Chandelier. It arrived last week in great shape and impressively packed. It’s hanging now in our vaulted ceiling living room and it really makes the room. It was a pleasure dealing with you. I have one question. Is the number in the signature significant. Ours is 1211 – 00. I’m guessing that means created on December 11, 2000. Thanks again and good luck,”


“Brian – The chandelier arrived Thurs. It is perfect! The packaging was…..challenging to say the least. Everything looked to be in order. Add us to your list of extremely delighted and satisfied customers. I will try to send you a pic. Thanks again,”

S. & L. W

“Brian, We are just in love with the chandelier you sent us. It’s nice to have something from a true artist. Send us a catalogue of your other creations you make if you have one.”


“Thought this would be a good time to let you know how happy we are with the chandelier we purchased from you on the eBay auction. We’ve been looking for a long time. We feel that your work is phenomenal, the best we’ve ever seen! Thanks so much for your eBay auctions that make it possible for almost everyone to see and enjoy your wonderful work.”

Sincerely, J. & S. B.

“Brian, Received the chandelier last Friday, and what a beautiful piece it is. You do great work. Thanks so much for all your help, and we hope to send you a few customers. Thanks”

T., S., and S. S.

“Brian, Just wanted to let you know that the chandeliers and lamps arrived last week. Everything was in excellent shape and we really like the chandeliers. Thanks again for your promptness and your beautiful work.”


“WOW WOW We picked up the Antler Chandelier yesterday from Overnite. We are so pleased. The picture did not do the chandelier justice!!!!! I am always a bit nervous buying such an item sight-un-seen, but it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Love it. We could not be more pleased!!!!! It is much nicer and better quality than any that we have seen. Especially the light sockets!!!!!!! The attention you have given to detail makes all the difference. We have been looking at these for a while thinking we could never afford one like we have now. Thank you!!!! Just want to take moment and let you know that we are ecstatic about our purchase and hope to have it installed in the next week!!!! It was just dumb luck that I found it on e-bay that day….as we had decided that it was just an expensive item that would always be on our wish list!!!! I am truly a lucky person that counts my blessings…..why even when I got to overnight….it would not fit in the bed of my Toyota Tacoma. A driver who was clocking out heard me trying to get a price for home delivery and said he was leaving now and lived a mile from my home……Thanks again.”


“Brian: I received the chandelier this morning! Wow! That was FAST!! I left positive feedback for you. This was the best Ebay item I’ve purchased so far.Thanks,”


“Brian; I got my chandelier yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. Yep, the crate was huge, wouldn’t fit in my full size Ram truck but they delivered it to the door so it worked out great. Now, I just have to figure out how to get it hung!. Thanks for the prompt service, it’s going to be a real great addition to my home.”




“Dear sir, I believe I am the high bidder on your mule deer chandelier #1019-00and I couldn’t be any happier and more excited unless it was already hanging in our log home in Wetmore, CO.!! Our thoroughbred race horse farm here in Georgetown, KY has been sold for development and we’re heading to 62 acres in CO to get away from this swarm of humanity that has overtaken our once pastoral farm. Our “new” ranch consists of a 3200 sf , 12 yr. old log home which was “modernized” by the previous owner. Your (my) chandelier will be the focal point of my attempt to bring our ponderosa back to the state it was intended!! I attended the Log and Timber Home Show in Lexington last night, one of your wannabe competitors was there from Boseman. After examining his wares, I came home determined to win this auction!!!!! Your pictures showed much higher quality!! We are not moving until 11/13/00 and rather than move the chandelier twice I would like to send you our personal check with the Wetmore address as the shipping address. There will be plenty of time for it to clear before we are there to accept delivery. I will call your gallery tomorrow 10/30/00 to confirm arrangements. THANKS!!”


“Brian, I just received my chandelier about two hours ago and am still in shock. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You are a true craftsman to be able to create something like this, and I feel very fortunate to have been the high bidder on eBay. My whole family just stood around it and stared for many minutes before we could say anything. It is really an unbelievable work of art—and I thank you so much. I will be contacting you at a later date to order a much larger chandelier for the great room of my new log home. Once again, thank you for the chandelier, your prompt attention, and the easy transaction.”


“Chandelier arrived this evening…sat 5 days in Decatur (my fault) they didn’t have a phone number but we worked it out. The piece is tremendous and will make a stunning statement in the foyer of the log home we will begin construction on next month. The packaging was a work all its own too, very secure. We’re very pleased- thanks. Hope your future e-Bay auctions are just as successful.”


“Dear Mr. Cody, Even my husband agrees I’m not crazy for again purchasing another chandelier from you. At the bid price, we know we are getting an extraordinary value. I’d like to send you our Wetmore, CO check– another one – and delay shipping til the check clears. Please send your address again–I remember it was Troy,MT, but not the box #. My husband will be glad when my computer is dismantled for our move – your beautiful work is becoming a rather expensive hobby of mine! He loves them to!”

Thanks again, M.T.

“Cody, I just received the chandelier. It looks even nicer then the picture!! Thanks for the quality workmanship. My husband was very leery on me bidding on anything over the internet and sending money to someone I did not know but he really likes it now! Thanks again and if you come up with a price on the white tail sconce let me know. Have a great weekend!!”


“Just wanted you to know that I received the small Antler Chandelier. It looks great!!! Great job on the shipping and packaging. I plan to put both lights up this weekend in my upstate cabin when its done I will mail you an email picture. Once again, I have to say you do outstanding work!! Thanks again”


“Dear Antlers by Cody, Just received a White Tail Deer Antler Chandelier (5 light) and I wanted to compliment you on your superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Also, the packaging material you chose & the way the chandelier was packed was by far the best transport method I’ve seen to date for sending fragile articles via the mail. Your work is truly art – I can see why you’ve been voted ‘Best of the Northwest’.”


“Brian, THANK YOU for creating a masterpiece for me – Antler Chandelier #719-01!!! I was thrilled to win the auction on E-Bay on 7/26/01, but I was more ecstatic when my carefully packaged chandelier arrived this past Friday (8/3/01). My wife and I had taken a day off to work on our cabin in Eldred, NY. I was disappointed that the Fed-X man had not yet delivered my chandelier as of Thursday, so on Friday I called my office and found out that a rather large round package had arrived. In spite of a major thunderstorm, we drove the 45 miles to pick up my prized acquisition through torrents of rain. I unpacked the chandelier that night, and I must say – you pack the chandelier so completely and carefully – that I wondered if I would ever have it completely unpacked. My wife took numerous pictures of her adult “kid” as I was more excited than I remember being as a child on Christmas morning. I couldn’t believe it. The chandelier was beyond my highest expectation. You are a marvelous craftsman, and I envy the beauty of the chandeliers that you are able to create. Even my wife had words coming out of her mouth like – it’s incredible, it’s magnificent, it’s beautiful! I already have a fellow sportsman’s club member that is interested in obtaining a chandelier of his own, and I’m sure there will be more when they see mine. By Saturday afternoon (8/4/01), I finished my installation & my wife and I enjoyed our first meal under our gorgeous chandelier. I’m not sure what we had for dinner, but I did study the beauty and magnificence of my awesome chandelier a lot during that meal. Hope you had a great vacation & can’t wait to view your next creations!”

Regards, M.P.

“Dear Mr. Cody, Just wanted to tell you that our chandelier has been hung and we are absolutely delighted. It makes the room! Of course. Beyond that, it is a work of art that, despite its very substantial weight, is airy and delicate. In short: it is perfection.
It was a pleasure to do business with you. With the greatest respect,”


“Hi. We received the chandelier on Wednesday. It is wonderful! I cannot wait for my husband to hang it. Thank you for offering this wonderful piece of art on e-bay. I have been looking at your work, but never thought I would own a piece. this was my first experience with e-bay, and I must say, I am pleased. I will continue to check out your site and see what else you have to offer. Thank you again for making this possible.”


“Good Morning Brian: I just wanted to drop you an email and say THANKS for the beautiful chandelier. Donna and I had it hung last Friday and to say we are happy is an understatement. It is beautiful. Thank you all for a beautiful addition to our family room. I look forward to having you create another chandelier for our new home in Nevada when we start construction next year. THANKS AGAIN,”

D & D,
2 very happy customers

“Received MY chandelier yesterday. thank you. best pkg job I have seen in 30 yrs of retail. muchas gracias SENOR!!”


“A huge box arrived yesterday, so big we had to unpackage to the get through the door. Everything arrived safely thanks to all the packaging you had provided. We are very anxious to get our new entry light hooked and hung in its final place, our new home’s entry. Thank you so much for your artwork and our new Tone Setting statement for our new home.

D,S, S and R T

“I finally got the chandelier out of the box. The packaging was awesome took me three weeks to get the chandelier loose from the packaging. Just kidding but you do do a real packaging job. Almost as good as the chandelier. It is as awesome as I had hoped. Thank you very much. This was my first purchase on eBay and I don’t think I will be ever able to top it.”

L. S.

“I love my Chandelier! And I got my lamp today. I’m giving it to my wife for Christmas. She saw it, and loved it!”

“Hi Cody’s, I received the Chandelier yesterday and I want to tell you that it is even more beautiful then I thought it would be. You do excellent work. It was a pleasure working with you. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for antler chandeliers. Thanks,”


“Hi Cody’s: Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! We love our new light so much!!!! It is the perfect light for the room. We sure thank you for the quality. Hope 2002 is great for you. Thanks again.”


“We’ll be sure and put another favorable review on Ebay regarding your beautiful chandeliers. I’ve never found any I like as well — we’re running out of fixtures to put them on in our our log cabin though! (I’d hate to have to build a bigger house just so we could have more of them).”

H. & S. T.

“Cody’s, received antlers today, beautiful and terrific craftsmanship, you have talent! Packaging was awesome, beautiful shape and delivery fast. Thanks,”

P. & S. S.

“P.S. Already showing it to others, they love it.”

“Left you very positive feedback! My boyfriend is SO PLEASED! Beyond what we expected and you were right – pictures do not do your work justice! Thank you so very much! By the way, we own a bar, and the piece was delivered to our bar during Happy Hour…. giving your name out to lots of people! Thanks again!”

“I would be remiss in not writing to thank you for the incredible chandelier we purchased for our home in North Carolina. It was my initial experience with E-Bay. As it happened, I purchased a large antler chandelier from you and a small one from another E-Bay vendor. I don’t mind telling you that I was disappointed in the smaller one, but THRILLED with the one from you. It’s better than I ever imagined it could be, and our cabin would definitely not be the same without it. Thanks for the excellent quality and attention to detail that my smaller chandelier lacks.”

A. M. M.

“The chandelier is gorgeous! We are so impressed! You can use our name as a happy client reference anytime you need one!”

The W’s