White Tail Antler Chandeliers

White Tail Antler Chandeliers

Whitetail deer antler is a perfect medium for making rustic Whitetail deer antler chandeliers. The Whitetail deer antler itself possesses both beautiful white coloring and graceful shape. In most Whitetail deer Chandeliers the symmetry is evident, I always try to match both shape and color for a more balanced piece. I have always used the highest quality Whitetail deer antlers and electrical components available.

Every finished piece is carefully inspected and guaranteed safe…

The Whitetail deer antlers are connected together with appropriate size screws and lag bolts, these are counter sunk in the antler and carefully hidden so that only the natural beauty of the Whitetail deer antler is visible. The utmost care is always taken in the construction process to insure that the finished piece will not only be beautiful to look at, but safe and functional as well. Throughout the U.S. and also in other countries you will find my work in banks, lodges, restaurants and homes.

Antlers by Cody

My unique light socket covers are individually crafted right on the antler, not made from a mold, so that each socket is just as unique as the antler that they are mounted upon. The sockets are each plumb and also matched for height with other sockets on the piece. You will also notice that the electrical wiring is inside of the Whitetail deer antler and hidden. Often on larger pieces you will find several matching distinct levels that the sockets are set at.

You will notice that all of my Whitetail deer chandeliers are balanced and hang level… We will supply the appropriate amount of chain to correctly install the chandelier. If you have a color preference for chain we will match whatever your needs require.

Brian Cody

About The Artist

My name is Brian Cody. I live in the beautiful North Western Corner of Montana, near the small town of Troy. I enjoy the beautiful streams and mountainous rugged terrain which surrounds me… What more could a man ask for? It is truly nature’s playground! I have always been fascinated with the beautiful animals that live in the area and the antlers that some of these animals produced.

Antler is very unique; no two are ever exactly the same. My fascination with antler has only grown over the years and needless to say I never get tired of them!!! Because of my love for these natural works of nature’s art, I began building my own creations from them as a teenager back in the 1970’s. It was slow progress at first, starting out building lamps and cribbage boards, and eventually antler chandeliers. (which is my favorite items…if you couldn’t tell!)

My Dad was part of my inspiration and drive. He was always a critic and always very honest. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”, He would tell me!

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